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About me

Who I am :

I am Mustapha, UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer. I love designing beautiful, clean, and user-friendly interfaces for websites and mobile, I also love turning good ideas into eye-catching logos and stationery products.

What I do and How I do it :

My work crosses a large range of categories in the digital space, both from a design and a technical perspective. I believe in using the right tools for the job. By analysing the job at hand for what it is, you can make informed decisions to deliver creative solutions.

Tools I use :

I use Adobe Photoshop for sketching and brainstorming using a graphic tablet or just the classic pen and paper ;), then I switch to Illustrator to create the clean version of the logo.

Photoshop Illustrator

Depending on the client demande I use either Adobe Photoshop or Sketch to create the website template and elements.

Photoshop Sketch

To create a mobile wireframe, I prefer using sketch because it's faster, but I also like to use Adobe Photoshop, once the wirframe confirmed by the client and the templates are made, I use Adobe XD, Invison or Mockingbot to create animated prototypes to show the client how his app will look like before even its developpement starts

Photoshop Sketch Adobe XD InVision Principle Mockingbot


I create the graphics in Illustrator then I import them into Adobe after effects to animate them to create a video or I use the old Edge animate to create html animations. I manly use Adobe Premiere Pro to mount videos and at last I use Adobe Media Encoder to optimise those videos and make them suitable for youtube etc... : (best video quality with lowest file size)

Adobe Premiere Pro After Effects Adobe Media Encoder Illustrator Adobe Edge Animate

As a graphic designer you need to make your work as good as possible but without forgetting to make it as easy as possible for developpers as well, to do so you need to know how HTML/CSS and the grid system (such as Bootstrap) work, in top of that you should stay up to date with all the new standards and releases. the scripts of today will not remain as accurate as tomorrow's.

Html5 Css3
Emails are coded in HTML and CSS, such as all other web pages. But coding an HTML email is not the same as coding a web page. It's more complex. In fact, it is not easy to successfully display an email on all devices / emailing client as you would like it to appear. To optimize the display of your emails, there are several rules and good practices to respect.

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